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Those who gather here are compassionate advocates for justice and equality. We are a resourceful collaborative forum interested in understanding and solving problems related to child psychological abuse from various disciplines and our own particular point of view in relationship to one another.

Child psychological abuse is an aberrant and deplorable parenting practice that underpins much of the evil in society. We believe it can be prevented and that is our mission.

We agree there are three diagnostic indicators that, when all three are present in a child, establish the basis for identifying what child psychological abuse is.

Our practice is not to exploit or alienate one another but to work together and not undermine the value of each contributor. We are transparent and authentic in the way we conduct business.

We resign ourselves to a new paradigm for parental alienation which is, in fact, pathogenic parenting; parental alienation and parental alienation syndrome are dubious methodologies and there are no psychological constructs in therapy that satisfy the meaning for reunification either. No parental alienation and no reunification therapy. This is our stance. As time goes by we will see a language and practices develop that heal society in the assorted ways that take on new definitions against pathogenic parenting.

The work we do is attributed to Dr. Craig Childress, clinical psychologist, who has proven to fairly sort out the theories and identifiers that call out child psychological abuse as it is, and for this we are grateful.

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  1. Grateful for your work in helping combat Attachment Based Pathogenic Parenting. With the absence of sexual or physical abuse – Kids DESERVE to love and be loved by both normal-range parents.

    1. Thank you, Karen! I appreciate that.

      I agree. And plenty of love is good for children … they should not be deprived of it. We have to get a grip on what child psychological abuse looks like. Prevent it now!

      Question to everyone: Can you spot child psychological abuse when you see it or hear of it?

  2. To Suz Remus,
    I am Richard and it was such a blessing to meet and converse with you (sat, Aug 18th) about your work. I hesitated to call it work because it is beyond that. It is rare to find apn individual with such passion (in your case it is beyond that also, it is more of a calling) in what they do, it is even more rare to find that passion for the most noblest of causes and our most precious resource, our children.
    We spoke of loss, and grief, and of how abandonment of children could possibly lead to detachment as a sort of a survival/defensive mechanism in them. I have a layman’s thought that was touched on by a letter from Dr. Childress involving the effects on the brain involving abandonment. My thought involves the pathways and more specifically, the direction of them.
    In the ten minutes you spoke can be a study that leads to volumes. I look forward to buying an autographed copy of your first book. It seems to me that your mantel in Florida has had a nationwide ripple effect. You have inspired and motivated me. If there is anything I can do in Colorado for the cause please do not hesitate to contact me. or cell 7202051711. Keep fighting the good fight,
    Sincerely, Richard

    1. Hi Richard!

      I want to thank you for your tremendous words of encouragement. It was a pleasure meeting you and the blessing is mine (I think it was a divine appointment).

      Also, thank you for sharing your “ahha” about abandonment (I’m wondering what Dr. Childress letter you read that led you to it). In working through my own childhood trauma, now and here (Denver) from where it all began, I guarantee you that child psychological abuse is real. I want to mention here from my experience that the issues of abandonment are real too, but not like what we think we know abandonment is in the physical realm. The brain of the parent that holds their child captive has abandoned their responsibility to protect them. They hold false beliefs that separate them from the child they think they protect, leaving the child vulnerable to a society that accepts and reinforces their delusions. It also TRIES to separate the child from the love bond of the parent society turns on.

      Our children are counting on us to figure this out and do something to save them (some of us have to save ourselves first).

      I am happy that you are motivated and ready to take a stand! That means you are an extention of the office of the attorney general (private attorney) in Colorado. … Parens patriae… “The principal that political authority carries with it the responsibility for protection of citizens unable to protect themselves” (Oxford Dictionary).

      You are a true fellow advocate, Richard… believe me, I will take you up on your offer to stay in touch. We can motivate each other to act on what we know is right.

      God bless,


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